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RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT L to R: Shay Crawford, Rad. Tech; Alexa Uranga, Rad. Tech; Suzi Espinosa, Ultrasound Tech; Randy Ramirez, RT, Radiology Director

Radiology Services

Winkler County Hospital District proudly offers certified diagnostic X-Ray and Computed Tomography (CT) Services. If you or your loved one require radiology services, our Radiology Team will be here to walk you through the process. The technologist performing your X-RAY or CT exam has completed a rigorous course of education and is nationally certified. Our technologists work closely with the radiologist to assure the most accurate results from your examination.

What is an X-RAY?

The medical specialty of diagnostic radiology was born shortly after the discovery of the x-ray in 1895. An x-ray is a painless, common way to produce an image of the body, and is used to diagnose a variety of conditions from broken bones to tumors. Using ionizing radiation, a localized beam of x-rays pass through a part of the body and create an image. That image is recorded electronically in a digital format. Exams that are commonly performed in diagnostic radiology are chest, abdomen and those dealing with the bones. X-ray technology has advanced significantly over the years and the amount of radiation patients are exposed to has been greatly reduced. Still, its highly important for pregnant women or those who think they could be pregnant to let their physician or x-ray technician know prior to having the procedure. A written physician's order is required for a diagnostic x-ray procedure. Chest, Abdomen and bone x-rays can be done on a walk-in basis.Should you have questions about your specific exam, our technologists are glad to provide you with information. Please call 432-586-8233.

What is a CT or Cat Scan?

CT is an x-ray procedure that is enhanced by a complex computer algorithm. A CT scan gives your doctor a two and three dimensional view (referred to as a "slice") of a particular part of your body and is able to show both bone and soft tissue.

What to expect?

Some patients need to be given a special liquid called a contrast media. The contrast media can highlight various body parts and only stays in your body a day or two. It is usually given by mouth and/or injection. It is normal to feel a warm sensation as the contrast media makes its way through your body. You may also experience a distinct smell or taste, but it will only last a minute. Please be aware that if you are asked to drink oral contrast, you may not be ready to be scanned for at least 45 to 60 minutes. For your procedure, you will be asked to lie down on the CT table. When you are comfortably positioned, the table will move through the scanner. Relax and lie as still as possible as any movement during this time could blur the picture. The technologist will be in communication with you during your exam. Actual scan time is 10 to 30 minutes. Please be prepared to follow breathing instructions if needed.

A written physician's order and an appointment are required for a CT procedure. Should you have questions about your specific CT scan, our CT Technologists are glad to provide you with information. Please call 432-586-8233.